JRM Process Services, Inc.

  1. All cases will be initiated within 7 days of receipt. All cases served or non-served will be returned within 45 days.  If necessary this will allow your law firm time to file appropriate motions for second summons or alternate service.
  2. Bulk filings placed with JRM will be hand filed with the court that week and will be returned to your office as requested.
  3. Utilizing infield GPS Technology  and real time status update, this will allow your law firm to review cases placed with JRM through its website. This will give your law firm complete tracking of service attempts, proofs of service and affidavits through a secured site that will be stored for 5 years.
  4. All proofs of service will be notarized by a bonded notary.
  5. Process Serving using best practices approach to service of process and is insured.

Services Offered:
Summons & Complaint, Garnishments, Subpoena
36th District Court Filing & Support
Infield GPS Technology and Real Time Status Update
Michigan Bonded Notaries
Trained and Insured Process Server